Rumen Kolev

History as an Interplay of The Three Zodiacs of Babylonian Astrology. The Present Age.

Babylonian Astrology is very different from everything which will follow. Ancient Astrology was not born in Greece. Ancient Astrology died in Greece! Babylonian Astrology is Observational, empyrical and 3 Dimentional. Babylonian Astrology was born together with the birth of the First Human. However I can see clearly the development of Babylonian Astrology up to the limit of 5500 BC. 5500 BC is my dating of the Babylonian Astrolabe.

Basic notions: Heliacal Phases of Stars and Planets, Calendar, Omina

Enuma Anu Enlil- the Bible of the Babylonian Astrologer-Priest
Discussion of the Babylonian Astrology as we can see it from what we know about the Babylonian Astrolabe.

- The Three Zodiacs of Babylonian Astrology

a. The Fixed - Aldebaran = 15 Taurus
b. The Tropical - Equinox = 15 Nisan
c. The Lunar
d. Other Zodiacs used in Babylonia

The Tropical Zodiac in Babylonia and according to Ptolemy: differences.

The Tropical Zodiac in Babylonia:

1. The names of the 'SIGNS' are the names of the MONTHS: Nisan, Airu, Siman....
2. The spring equinox is in the middle of the First Sign NISAN
3. How the travel of the cardinal cross (equinoctia and solstitia) through the Fixed Zodiac effects the Historical periods and events. Giant, Long and Short Epochs, Eras and Periods.
4. The Present Age: 180 year dodekatemoiria period under Nergal-Aries started 2016.
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Note biografiche

Kolev 2 w1Born in Varna, Bulgaria 29 Nov 1960 3:00 AM (1:00 GMT)
Ascendant 21 deg Virgo Babylonian Zodiac (17 deg Libra tropical)
Formal: mathematical high school 1979, math, economics BA University of Washington Seattle 1992
one year in PhD economics UCLA in LA, USA 1993
MD Medical Academy Varna 1996
Informal with private teachers:
Ancient-Greek, Latin, Akkadian, Arabic, French, German, Russian, computer programming.

Interests and Fields of Research:
Babylonian and Ancient Astrology- from original sources in Greek, Latin, Akkadian and Arabic, Heliacal Phases computation and observation, Primary Directions, Ancient Knowledge, History of Astrology and Astronomy, Ancient Astral Magic and Astral Talismans, Hermes and Hermetica.

Personal Interests:
Zen, Sufism, Ancient History, Ancient Art.


Academic Publications: The Babylonian Astrolabe SAAS vol. 22 Eisenbrauns 2013

Important Other Publications in English: Hermes on the Fixed Stars - first time translation from Latin, Babylonian Sky Observer- with many translations from Akkadian, The Primary Directions, The Horoscope of Maximilian I Emperor (Regiomontanus)- first time translation from Latin manuscript, Three Annual Horoscopes for Ferdinand I (Lucas Gauric)-first time translation from Latin manuscript, Gauricus and Henry II, King of France, Greek and Arab Astrology- Hyleg, Alkokoden and Almuten.

Publications in Bulgarian: Ancient Astrology volumes 1,2, 3, Babylonian Astrology volumes 1,2, 3, + other books.

Computer Programs created: Placidus, Porphyrius Magus, Sumer, Babylonia for primary directions, heliacal phases, Ancient and Babylonian Astrology

Places of past Residence:
Varna, Bulgaria: present
Egypt: 2018
Seattle, USA: 1990 to 1992, 2001 to 2006
LA, USA: 1992 to 1995

Special Work and Research: Gemology- ancient and modern, Ancient Magical Jewelry, Hermetic Jewelry Talismans

Internet Sites:, ApolloVision on
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